Amelia Bird & Claire Harvey

The Wheelabout Theatre

The Wheelabout Theatre will be an intricately designed box transported around on a wheelbarrow-like contraption by a clowny duo of puppeteers. They will interact with crowds to select an audience member (possibly two) to be ushered in to sit in the theatre.

Once inside the audience member will be immersed in a small scale puppet world. Light, sound and miniature set design will fill the box controlled by the puppeteers outside. Backdrops and puppet actors will slide, swing, scurry and pop in and out. A puppet audience will applaud and a tiny orchestra will play from the pit as a short story unfolds.

The Wheelabout Theatre will be an escapist shot of beautiful visual surprises which aims to give the audience a magical break from the outside world.

 Amelia Bird & Claire Harvey

Amelia Bird and Claire Harvey are all-round theatre makers working across the roles of deviser, director, designer, writer, puppetmaker and performer.

Claire has made and performed theatre inside and out, in traditional theatres and in festival settings. As a founder and Co-Artistic Director of The River People she recently toured a puppetry, live music and storytelling show in a bowtop gypsy wagon with fold out stage.

Amelia is the Artistic Director of Gomito Productions and has similarly created theatre and non-theatre shows. She had directed and designed several outdoor pieces, including a water puppetry performance in a boating pool and two promenade adventures in a park and a wood.

Claire and Amelia are excited to be collaborating on a new project which draws on their shared loves of striking visuals, the overtly theatrical, entertaining audience experiences, and miniature surprises.

Project Twitter / Claire Twitter / Gomito Twitter
Gomito YouTube Channel
The River People YouTube Channel

Image: Alchemystorium by Gomito Productions


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