BiDiNG TiME is a large scale international experiment to do several things:

  1. Make a new music theatre show in London in 2012.
  2. Work with partners in different parts of the UK/world, who will produce locally relevant versions of the same story, with the same aims.
  3. Extensive outreach to generate participation – including two key events – RantBox and New Year Club, touring in 2011/12.

Pippa Bailey is a freelance producer/director with a diverse range of skills. RantBox is a collaboration with award winning theatre company – Tangled Feet

Project Description:


RantBox is a cheeky interactive outdoor performance exploring and exposing public opinion about climate change (and anything else you want to get off your chest).

Against a recent backdrop of demonstrations across the Middle East and in the UK, showing great desire for people to have their voices heard. RantBox captures public opinion and respectfully offers it back to the public. Three roving performers interview passers by about their attitudes to climate change and the state of the world. Using documentary theatre the perfomers then ‘rant’ on behalf of their interviewees – the edited interviews playing simultaneously in the actors headsets to offer compelling performances. The local rants are interspersed with famous speeches and crazy dancing. Its better out than in!

to rant: ‘a loud bombastic declamation expressed with strong emotion.’

There are many ways to get involved and follow the process. Please go to the website for more about the overall project.