Estelle Rosenfeld and Philip Parr

Take The Pose

Philip Parr is a highly experienced director of theatre, opera, festivals and events. He specialises in large scale site specific (often outdoor) participatory theatre as Artistic Director of Parrabbola. He has been director of the Bath Shakespeare Festival. In 2010 he directed an award winning site specific, promenade, community play production of Pericles in Gdansk in Poland, and the community carnival finale for SIRF.

He met Estelle Rosenfeld in 2010, when she needed an outside eye from a director for further development on her outdoor show, ‘Take the Pose’. Estelle is interested in playing with boundaries between performing art and visual art and likes to create work at the crossroad of art-forms. She likes to relate to audiences in unexpected ways and to explore the possibilities of site specific and outdoor work. She is currently researching and developing a promenade piece of immersive theatre, ‘Capture’, supported by the Arts Council England.

Having discovered a natural empathy in their working methods – and inspired by each other’s ideas, Philip and Estelle are now enthusiastic about working together again to develop their collaboration with a new piece of outdoor art.

A Few Things I Know

Project Description:

Spread the Love

Spread the love is the cheese on the toast, the cherry on the cake, the pink and fluffy and the warm fuzzy feeling inside! The love is spread by a love machine, a mixed media installation, carried like an 60’s cinema ice-cream vendor or medieval quack doctor. It’s dramatic, it’s spectacular, it’s alarming!

Using the five senses participants can choose to have five ‘lovely’ interactions with the machine:

Listen to love songs, taste love’s sweetness, smell love’s heady aroma and touch love’s softness. Then peep into the box and learn the truth about love!

What is love? – That’s the question we’ll ask you. Will you find the answer when you interact with our love machine?

Once participants had their personal ‘lovely’ experience they are given a paper heart to ‘spread the love’, these contain messages that can be given to loved ones as well as strangers so throughout the day you can help us ‘spread the love’.