Restless Nights

Restless Nights specialise in creating unique theatrical interactions and encounters.

Working primarily in festival and outdoor environments, Restless Nights delight in developing ‘performative moments’ for unusual spaces and settings.  Creating playful and magical experiences for our participants, transporting them into other worlds.

Restless Nights are passionate about bringing performance to new audiences and locations.

Project Description:

Whipping Up a Storm

With a Snap, Crackle and Popsicle, the “Whipping up a Storm‟ sweetness emporium rolls into town!

We have ourselves an ice-cream van! A kitsch little automobile that will provide refreshing theatrical wonders and performance that will make you melt! Restless Nights are working on a piece that could have only been invented in childrens’ dreams.

Bringing to life fantasies similar to those conjured up by Roald Dahl in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, “Whipping up a Storm‟ has three main focuses: Gastronomy, Science & Magic

With the unique, interactive characters: “The 99‟ers”: “Rum‟ and “Raisin‟ and the mad scientist, “Gino Ginelli‟, the ice cream van will become a haven for all things sugary and sweet.

With pink smoke spilling from the exhaust pipe and fountains of popcorn spraying from under the bonnet, “Whipping up a Storm‟ intends to be a
Playful yet ‘educational’ experience for its participants.

Here’s the science: We are currently locked away, conjuring up gastronomical inventions for our pick ‘n’ mix stand – each sweet developed from an element of the periodic table developed by the masterful Gino Ginelli who is searching for his secret ingredient.

The “99‟ers” will seek eager candidates from the crowd, who will be the lucky winners to climb aboard the sweetness emporium. Inside, the space bubbles, hisses and spits neon fluids, filled with boiling pans, pipettes, test tubes and Petri dishes.

Inside you will be able to experience sweet wonders you could only have dreamed about up until now…