Joli Vyann

Don’t Drink and Dance!

Don’t Drink and Dance! is an innovative fusion of circus, dance and theatre, pulling the audience into a theatrical experience, blurring the boundaries of where the dance ends and the circus skills begin.  This project strives to integrate these disciplines and disregard disjointed preparation time and predictability with tricks that is so common in classic circus acts.

Through the creation of cute and quirky relationships Don’t Drink and Dance! embraces an element of surprise in the performance of exciting tricks. Fluidity in the structure of the show is of great importance whilst charming characters entice interest and imagination.

There is a cheeky, charismatic energy. The acrobatic tricks enhance this storyline and we are left with a playful yet impressive cocktail of technical skills and story-telling.  Although set as a conventional bar scene, the show carries unpredictable turns and twists with a cheeky, charismatic energy to satisfy a diverse audience.

Joli Vyann

We are Joli Vyann, individually Olivia Quayle and Jan Patzke. We met in August 2010 and started training Hand to Hand together. This then developed into more varied skill sharing, Olivia Specialising in Dance, Aerial and Acrobatics and Jan specialising in Basing, Banquine and Martial Arts.  Joli Vyann transpired through our joint interest in the fusion of dance, circus and theatre.  We have performed in a variety of genres, from corporate work, to theatre, to Opera and have travelled around the UK, to Slovenia, Luxembourg and India. We are also interested in creating diverse work, from theatrical to abstract. When making work we like to create through play and improvisation and find it exciting to invent our own tricks that may have the technical difficulty of acrobatics, but with the fluidity of dance.



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