Larkin’ About

Hacked Off

Our intentions were good, our intentions were honourable.
Paul McMullan, former News of the World journalist

Hacked Off is a small-scale pervasive game which sees teams compete to chase a series of phone calls across a location in a frenzied search for fragments of hidden information.  Some calls are ‘live’, and give teams useful information, whilst others are intercepted, or ‘hacked’, leaving teams ‘hacked off’.

In the light of the Phone Hacking scandal, Hacked Off is a playful reflection on what and who can and cannot be trusted, and the nature of information in the public realm.  Hacked Off takes place in the world of journalism, which has transformed from the chic, stylish ’50s, through the sleazy ’70s, and into the post-modern digital age, where information is replicated and fragmented until it no longer bears any relation to its source.

Larkin’ About are passionate about first-person experiences, using game structures to re-invent the theatre experience with the participant at the centre, and are excited to be exploring the potential for play-based work to be profiled within the street arts sector.

Larkin’ About

Larkin’ About is Manchester’s first and only group dedicated to producing and programming pervasive gaming projects.   Pervasive gaming is a fast-growing new movement which combines the spectacle of theatre with the agency of play.

Larkin’ About aims to create and support a sustainable culture of game design, test and play in the North West.  Formerly Associate Producers at greenroom, Larkin’ About is now resident company at Contact Theatre and recipients of mentorship support from artist development organisation hAb.


Image: Audience work their way through the Black Dog maze
Apocalypse, by Larkin’ About 2011


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