Pangea Art

Departures and Arrivals

Inspired by hours spent in airports and train stations, Departures and Arrivals invites audiences to be voyeurs in the intimate meetings of annonymous couples.   Ranging from joyous to uninterested to heartbreaking, these fleeting moments of personal connections illustrate entire relationships,  histories and characters through unspoken glances, physicality and movement.

Pangea Art

Pangea Art is an arts organisation based in London.  We focus on creating  opportunities for artists from different fields to collaborate in engaging varied audiences. We aim to support artists with different specialties to learn from each other through research & creation and to create a forum for exchange. By creating multi-disciplinary productions, we hope to reach a wider audience and spread arts appreciation to people of all ages, cultures and social backgrounds.

Founded in 2008 by dance artist Lucia Tong, Pangea Art  has collaborated with dancers, videographers, musicians, puppeteers, composers, textiles & fashion designers and set designers. Pangea Art’s work explores developing sensitivity and presence for genuine responses  to engage audiences on a visceral level by reflecting on the  unpredictably patterned and sometimes chaotic nature of human experiences.



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