Performance Klub Fiskulturnik

A story which will never be finished…

As a part of Gi20 scheme, Performance Klub Fiskulturnik will present a section of new work in progress that involves a circus, movement theatre & visual arts cross-over.  First of a performance triptych, A story which will never be finished is loosely based on symbolist writer Leonid Andreyev’s story written in 1909 and it features poems by Vladimir Mayakovsky.
The constructed and devised narrative is centred around a protagonist symbolising a New Woman who yearns for a fairer, more equal and utopian state of being. She confronts her need for freedom by breaking off personal, social and political constraints creating her own revolution in the process.
Dramatic circus sequences with the bicycle, the symbol of female emancipation, are performed by the UK’s only trick bike female performer – Alice Allart. These are interspersed with movement sequences performed by contemporary dancer Lisa Hood. The performance is played to the sound collage constructed out of atmospheric archived sound footage and is set within minimalist DIY setting that echoes the aesthetics of protest.

A Story which will Never Be Finished…
Conceived and directed by Lara Ritosa Roberts
Choreography Lara Ritosa Roberts with the performers
Performers Lisa Hood & Alice Allart
Voice & sound collage Lara Ritosa Roberts
Sound production Takatsuna Mukai
Thank you to Richard Glynn Roberts, Circus Space : Lab Time & Stream Arts.

Performance Klub Fiskulturnik is an interdisciplinary collaborative project founded and led by director & visual artist Lara Ritosa Roberts. PK Fiskulturnik performances explore the relationships between visual art, movement theatre, body culture and ideology and are often staged in site-specific settings from art galleries and disused spaces to city squares. Since 2007, PK Fiskulturnik showcased work at many festivals and events across the UK & Europe, including Tate Britain, Create 09 and the Museum of Yugoslav History, Belgrade. 


Image  – performance Title: Suffragette Slet 2012, featuring Zoe Jones and Lara Ritosa Roberts. Performed at the Construction Gallery, London for the International Women’s Day, 08/03/12. Photo credit Barbara Graham


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